~ I would like to reserve some space... how do I do this?

Yes we do book parties!  No matter how small or large... from a simple reservation to a full buyout we can make anything happen.  We can reserve a table or a private room depending on the size of your party.

We have multiple packages to offer and will cater to your needs and budget.  Please reach out to us at jukebarnyc@gmail.com and lets get your ball rolling!

~ I would like to have a fundraiser at Juke Bar for a non-profit

Yes we do host Events and Fundraisers!  We have had a number of exceptional fundraising parties and can help you set up yours to maximize funds raised.  Proof of non-profit status is all we need to get going.  Please email all inquiries.

~ Do you have a kitchen?

Yes, but we are really terrible cooks..  You are more than welcome to bring food in or cater from outside... no cost on our end! 

~ Can I bring in a birthday cake?

Absolutely.  No cutting fee.  Let us know if you need us to store it for you ahead of time.

~ Can I decorate my space?

Go for it!

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